Monday, May 17, 2010

More pages with the Book me up templates!


For those who bought the "Book me up" templates
by Ella...there is a e-mail on it's way to you!!!
She (Ella) is still enjoying her well deserved little
vacation and she will be back later this day!!

In the mean time I recieved some new pages with
the Book me up templates!! I can proudly announce
that we have 2 new team members!!
Carin (Carinspixels) and Yvonne (Laluna)
have joined us, welcome girls and I wish
you both a great time in our team!!!




Carinspixels said...

Wow Yvonne great pages as well, and I love to be with Ella, these templates are truly amazing.

Ellas digidesign said...

Thank you Carin and Yvonee, I just love your layouts, and I am so happy to have you on my team! <3