Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lots of new releases, buy my store and a CU-freebie!

Can't belive it's only a week until chirstmas! In a week from now we will already have had Santa Claus here handing out presents for our children and the youngest ones are probably already sleeping this time then, happy after a long day.
I do I hope I will have a lot of photos to do some scrapping with then! Got both my own christmaskit, and I bought a couple!
But, hey, have you done you chirstmascards yet? or are you a last second doer like I?? Take a look at these christmascards, they will make it fast and easy for you to get beautiful chirstmascards in no time, especially if you got you own printer...

And maybee a box for some of the smaller gifts will come in handy?? This is almost a gift in it self, what a great gift with some homemade candy in it! I call this one my Sweetiebox *love*

Maybee there will be a LOT of photos taken this christmas? or you just have a lot to do... use some quickpages and sit down and relax :)

But what is this? buy my whole store? for only $20? what a sweet deal! and that gives you over 83% discount, and this deal will get worth just more by the day (or week) since it will give you access to my store until the last of january. So... scroll down for the new products I have tonight and the value of this deal has already gotten better!

First, calendar-dates for the year '09, and they are Cu-ok.

And with those I made some readymade calendarpages with a few of my kits...

and these calendar templates, that are also CU-ok

A while ago I asked my Dh to bring our camera to his work to get me some textures, and now I finally got around to take care of some of them. The results are fuzzy felt, this set is in chirstmascolors with glitter sprinkled over it.

And I also made som in pastel colors, that is also Cu-ok.

And, finally, I got a Cu freebie for you, a painted overlay, that can be downloaded here

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scrappin out LOUD has a new blog! with chat!