Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Done some shopping, and got the link to templatefreebie!

I have had a really busy day today, well yesterday too, so maybee it's not so strange that I am soo tired right now. Just going to get my kids to bed and then watch some tv... Today I was to the city with our youngest and a friend to do some shopping. I bought so much! But it was on half the sale-price so it didn't end up so expensive anyway... :)
Little DS who usually hate to follow shopping, said he had a god time today!
And I wanted to let you know that you will find the link to the template freebie in the previous post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mixed up part 2, template freebie, the daily scrapper.

Have you read the Daily scrapper?? Maybee you come from TDS now and have seen my templates freebie there? If so, welcome, and, you will find the next part of the freebie below, I hope you enjoy my templates, I have been told that they are fun and easy to use. :)
If you haven't been at the daily scrapper yet, download my freebie here, and the go there and check under "freebies" for more beautiful, unique templates from Ella.

These are the templates you will find at TDS;:

Made by Natascha, using Little giggle by Createwings Designs

 And these are the templates I am giving away here. I will update with the link for them tomorrow.

You can download part 2 of the templates for a limited time HERE, after that they will be available in my shoppes

And, subscribe to my newsletter for coupons on my templates.

I♥photography and other templates!

It's about time I got these posted here! I just wonder - where do time go? I don't seem to get half what I wan't done... But part of my lack of time these days is that I have decided to stay away from the computer when little DS is at home and awake. Spending more time with him, playing and drawing and so on, no matter how much I love digiscrapping and designing, the memories I make in my layouts is not much worth if I don't get us some real memories of times spent together. So, that is why I haven't had time to blog as much as I should have....
Got lot's of templates I haven't posted here yet, and since I will right after this post a freebie I wan't to show you these...
The first templates I will show is Drifting, you know I like to play around with the placement of the papers.

By Carinspixels using Drifting and "lots of Lorie Davison goodies"

And I♥photography  that is also available as png-files and I got a set of frames too (unique, not the same as in the templates)

And File it round up!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Save your files online at dropbox

If you, as I do, use more than one computer - or just need backupspace, you can try and use a online storage service. I use dropbox, wich works great! I got it installed on the computers I usually use, and I can get to my files from any other computer too with my username and password. Awesome when I am working on a document or scrapping and know that I will wan't to continue on my laptop later...
So, try it out! :D
I like Dropbox. It's got moxie.