Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Meet Ella Designs!
Tell us a bit about yourself…
Well, I am Ella, a mother of 4 children, age 2 -14 years old, and we live in sweden in a house that we try to fix up.
I started digiscrapping when I expected our youngest child, as a way to preserve the memories of his childhod. Had tried using “the book about me” for his brothers and sister, but they always seemed to be forgotten after a while… don’t have that problem with our youngest though since I really fell in love with digiscrapping, the book about his first year ended up with 80 pages (not all layouts used then) and the second won’t be any thinner! Now I really love to sit by the computer and make some layouts, I find it really relaxing.
How did you become a digiscrap designer?
Started a little carefully quite soon actually, needed some things that I couldn’t find (didn’t know about so many stores then…) so I made them myself and got the question from some girls where they could get them.
What software do you use?
I use Photoshop CS3, and Illustrator a little bit.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Sometimes that there is something I need that I can’t find, or that doesn’t look exactly as I want it to look. But the way I feel reflects quite a lot in my designs, you can see that most clearly in my kit melancholia, felt so good to make that kit and still love it a lot!
Do you have a particular style?
I don’t think so…
What’s your favourite product you’ve designed?
Melancholia is one of my favourites, and I really like Play with Cartoon too, that was really fun to make. It was only going to be a mini kit to go with the action, but I couldn’t help my self making it larger and larger. LOL
Your number one tip for scrappers and/or designers?
Have FUN! When I forgett to have fun my inspiration disappears and neither the layouts or the kits turn out to anything I want to use. So never forget to have fun!
Hugs Ella


Friday, April 3, 2009

Little DS got sick and got antibiotics for it, after that he started getting spots/rashes all over his body that only got worse, finally I took him to the emergency, and it turned out that he is allergic to the antibiotics. So now he got medicine for the allergy instead...He points at the spots saying; spot! docto!
Credits: [rul=]Little patient by Viky design[/url]and worn overlay2 from something blue studio