Sunday, January 4, 2009

New store and a sale to celebrate it! and new items!

From January 1:st I got a new store to sell at! What a way to start the new year! I'm at Myscrapshop now too! And I just put it on 40% off to to celebrate:that I now sell at Myscrapshop!and the birthday of 2 of my children, so the sale will last until both have had their birthdays, so you got until the 13:th!

Here are some of my new items:

The grunge it action is really cool! You will get a really cool result, and whats so great is that the action is interactive - it stops a couple of times for you to make your own adjustments to it! Works on both photos and papers (not close up portraits, got a action for that too)available as both PU and CU, and it's only $4.74 for the CU!and only $2.94 for the PU version of it!

And look how cool and dramatic! that blue sky became with the action:

And a paper before and after the action:You can get such cool results, fast and easy, got to like that!

For your closeup portraits I got a special action that will give it a much softer look, you portraits will get a beutifully soft feeling, and as the grunge it up action, it will stop a couple of time for you to make adjustments. It comes with instruction too. Here are some examples of it being used:

Finally I got 2 set of acrylics, I think acrylics is so fun! And with my sale, these are really cheap now, only $1.80 per set!; You can find them at:Myscrapshop __

I got more releases coming to myscrapshop soon, will put all my kits there to.

And while I'm at it, Pillowgirl is also having a 40%off sale, she got some great CU material, and her new collection - Live in color - looks great! And like the idea to collect :)

And this kit from Darhena looks beautiful. (it's on 25% off)