Friday, September 25, 2009

File it! Frontline! now in my shoppes!

Friday morning... enjoying a peacefull morning by my self (should be studying) sitting by the computer, feets freezing, and still I got my down-slippers on my, I really should be living somewhere warmer!
Yesterday it was sunny and really nice autumn weather, so I took a walk with my 2 youngest and bought my self a soft ice cream. Our sweet stall is famous for having HUGE soft ice creams so I bought the smallest size for me and my DD...

I could only eat half, even if it was delicous! So when little DS woke up I gave him the rest, but he only ate a little of it...

so DD got almost to ice creams! She didn´t mind....

But now! Ella proudly presents:
File it! Frontline!

After request, these templates will make beautiful frontpages for photobooks, but they are really just as beautiful as layouts for print or inside a photobook. The templates has rings holding the papers together, and some of the papers are a torn from the holes (effect included in own layer)

The templates complete with shadows, and are PU- S4H- and CU-ok!

I have included them as both PSD- and TIFF-files, if your program allows the use of TIFF, that is what I recommend.





 These are made by Natascha:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New layout from Shayarka with File it! (2)

I am totally amazed by all the beautiful layouts that are made with File it templates! just look at this one:

I am a boy by Shayarka, go over to DST and give her some love!

Monday, September 21, 2009

More layouts with File it! and don´t forget the GC!

HI! monday morning, and I got so much to do today! But first I wanted to show you some beautiful layouts with File it! Double up! from christea

Don´t forgett to use the GC I got a couple of posts further down, so you can play with the templates! Got a new set of them coming out this friday, called File it! Frontline! Hopefully I will get inspiration for more, I really love making these templates, they are really fun to make! And I love to see the fantastic layouts that can be done with them!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New layout from Jeanette

Just got this layout from Jeanette, soo beautiful!

Friday, September 18, 2009

File it! Double up! (remember to use the GC!)

Another part of my File it! series is up! This time templates for double-pagers!

The File it! series are unique template that will give a wonderful, layered look on you layouts, with papers stacked on each other. This version has rings holding the papers together, and some of the papers are a torn from the holes (effect included in own layer)

The templates are easy to use, and will give your layouts a wonderful, layered look. The templates got lot´s of space for you to be creative with elements, title, journaling and so on. They come complete with shadows, and are PU- S4H- and CU-ok!
Here is where you can get the templates:

Here is a layout from Jeanette using the templates:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More layouts with templates and GC for you!

Want to show some more wonderful layouts with the templates - file it! (2)
This one is made by Leyla

This was made by Shayarka
This was made by Natascha
This was made by Anndahl
and finally one from me :) Ella

Here is a GC for anyone to use at myscrapshop (only valid for my items) this month for $2
ellaFileitSEPT, take your chance to get the layouts or journaling prompts!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More File it! templates! and welcome new CT!

I got a new set of templates out in my shoppes!

They are really easy to use and will give you wonderful, layered look on your layouts. Plenty of room for elements, title and journaling as you wish! s4h- and CU-ok!You can get them at:Myscrapshop or Scrapscandistyle

The templates are even CU-ok!

I also got a set of journaling prompts:

15 different journaling prompts in up to 3-4 different versions!Use them on your layouts to get some journaling done!s4h-okYou can get them at:Myscrapshop Scrapscandistyle
And take a look at the beautiful layouts I got with them! I made a "1-kit" call for them at dst, and now I am happy to say that a couple of these ladies have agreed to me on my "call-team" :D

By FlutterbyeFeary
by Marussia

By Natascha
I have to come back with more layouts, have to rest now while little DS is sleeping, hardly got any sleep at all this night, since our boy with diabetes had some problems with his bloodsugar-levels. Probably due to the cold he is having...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New layout, saturdaycandy

I used the wonderful kit My new best friendby EljDorado design available atDreamland Digital Designnew shoppe opening today with a 35% sale! :D