Friday, September 25, 2009

File it! Frontline! now in my shoppes!

Friday morning... enjoying a peacefull morning by my self (should be studying) sitting by the computer, feets freezing, and still I got my down-slippers on my, I really should be living somewhere warmer!
Yesterday it was sunny and really nice autumn weather, so I took a walk with my 2 youngest and bought my self a soft ice cream. Our sweet stall is famous for having HUGE soft ice creams so I bought the smallest size for me and my DD...

I could only eat half, even if it was delicous! So when little DS woke up I gave him the rest, but he only ate a little of it...

so DD got almost to ice creams! She didn´t mind....

But now! Ella proudly presents:
File it! Frontline!

After request, these templates will make beautiful frontpages for photobooks, but they are really just as beautiful as layouts for print or inside a photobook. The templates has rings holding the papers together, and some of the papers are a torn from the holes (effect included in own layer)

The templates complete with shadows, and are PU- S4H- and CU-ok!

I have included them as both PSD- and TIFF-files, if your program allows the use of TIFF, that is what I recommend.





 These are made by Natascha:

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